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Everything I Painted in 2023

I did one of these last year mostly as an exercise in accountability; it turned out to be a great way of remembering just what I’d achieved on the hobby front and I resolved to repeat the endeavour again this year. Last year’s headline figure was a grand total of 255 figures painted; far more than I’d ever managed in a year previously, and more than I expected to paint this year with a big terrain build for Salute looming  Not to beat around the bush, I somehow painted over a hundred figures more this year - a total of 372  28mm-equivalent figures.  That increase was largely, I think, due to my commitments this and next year. I’ve painted nearly 150 Napoleonic figures this year as part of putting on games at the 2023 and 2024 editions of Herts of Lard . The rest is down to my ongoing shift from skirmish games towards big battle multibase games like TTS!, as with my Italian Wars Swiss and Syracusan Greeks The Rules The rules of this accounting, since I haven’t spelled them out before,

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Pikemen and Gendarmes and Bears, oh my!