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All the Terrain I Made in 2022

  Just like its  counterpart for painted miniatures , this is a roundup post. 2022 was a pretty good year for making terrain - probably my favourite part of the hobby - and finished with an exciting development I'll get into later. I've not tallied up my terrain making in the same way as the figures; it doesn't really make sense to me to compare a painted plastic sign to a scratch built building, so let's assess the output qualitatively instead of quantitatively, going via theme again. 17th Century Starting with what's in the header image; I started building a terrain collection for playing 17th century games. I only finished two items - the scratch built row of facades you see above (mostly foam, with card overlay and purchased laser-cut MDF windows), and the bought MDF kit below. As  with all of my other terrain projects this year, I started far more than I finished, so these two will be joined by several other items in the coming months. Far East  To go with my f

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