Eldar Falcon Grav Tank

Still moving forward with my Eldar army restoration, the next model is the first of my three Falcon grav tanks. I've found that alternating between the Eldar and one of my other projects has kept me from burning out painting black.

Like all my other Eldar the main colour is black, with bone, red and brass/gold accents. Because I managed to cloud up the canopies in a previous paint job I couldn't leave them clear, so I painted them in a brass/silver gradient with a few turquoise glazes to give a high-tech feel.

The tank received squadron markings on the right fin, in the same manner as the War Walkers I painted recently. When I finish the other two Falcons, they'll one and two stripes each.

Apart from clouding the canopies, my teenage self also lost the Pulse Cannon from the turret, and decided that a Bright Lance would make a perfectly acceptable replacement. 

My next Eldar model will be a second Falcon, but before then I'll be posting some of the other things I've been working on for my Dark Ages and other projects.


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