Review: Offensive Miniatures 28mm US Airborne

I ordered these figures a week ago, and they arrived yesterday. I love them, and I can't wait to paint them.

Sculpting: To put it simply, amazing. The figures are correctly proportioned, and less cartoonish than any of the other offerings available. The level of detail is superb. 10/10   

Moulding: as close to perfect as I've ever seen. No flash, and no defects at all, and I had to search for the mould lines. 10/10

Poses: Being metal figures, they obviously don't have any options, but the poses are all lifelike and realistic. There are no 'swan lake' figures.  9/10

Cost: At £1:50 a figure, these are about average for 28mm metal historical figures, but when compared to most sci-fi offerings, particularly those from the Evil Empire, they're a steal. 9/10

Overall rating: If you want to use US Airborne in 28mm, get these figures. If you don't want to do US Airborne, I'm informed that Offensive Miniatures are working on some Germans. 10/10


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